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About Us

Our Mission

At Rye Coha, our mission is simple: to revolutionize wallets and enhance your everyday carry essentials.

For far too long, wallets have been burdened with the task of holding everything imaginable – from receipts to gift cards and everything in between. We've challenged this conventional notion by adopting a minimalist-first approach to design. Our goal is to enable you to carry less and embrace a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Our Vision

We firmly believe that building superior products starts with superior materials. That's why we prioritize a material-first approach to design. By investing in the foundation of your gear, we ensure both functionality and aesthetics are seamlessly combined.

With our innovative design philosophy and dedication to quality materials, we have crafted products that you can depend on. The items you carry every day are more than mere possessions; they are your tools for a better life. Trust in Rye Coha to provide you with dependable companions for your journey.